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17 Ways to Banish Cat Hair from Your Home

Having an adorable furry friend (or several) you’ll most likely know what it’s like to have fur on everything around the house.

Cats love to get into everything in your home and you’ll no doubt find cat hair not only on things like pillows, but under things too – for example the undersides of sofa pillows, blankets, curtains and in bedding too.

You love your pet, but I bet you don’t much like the fluff and hair they leave behind everywhere in your home. Especially not on your dark work clothes two minutes before you have to leave for an important meeting!


Remove Cat Hair Without Removing the Cat!

In order to solve the problem, once and for all we’ve gathered together several of the best solutions we could find, including a variety of DIY ways to quickly remove hair when you’re in a rush – as well as several tried and tested… and super convenient time-saving solutions you can use in the near future.


Quick DIY Solutions to Remove Cat Hair

If you’re really in a bind there are several quick DIY solutions to remove hair, with using stuff you may already have laying about your house.

You can use things like dish-washing scrub sponges, using the rough side to gather up the fluff. For other small areas you can use a microfiber cloth, parcel tape, dryer sheets, velcro strips, duct tape, hair rollers or even a tennis ball!

For areas with lots of small hairs scattered around, a wet rubber glove can pick these up if you gently dab over the effected area.

Another household item you can use is a pumice stone – though you’ll have to be careful with this on your more delicate fabrics.

Lint rollers are also fairly good at removing fluff and hair, however the only problem is you need you keep replacing the roll. I personally do not like trying to get to the next sheet, they are sticky and easy to rip. Also if you have a large house and lot’s of pets this method will get expensive quickly.

Of course although the the above DIY methods are ideal for a quick clean up job before guests come over – in the long term these won’t suffice as it can be difficult to get the hair off and thus not re-usable. The pumice stone can wear down fabrics over time and even ruin delicate fabrics.

Keep reading to find out the best cat hair removal tips… and find out my personal favourite method, that is at the end of this post.


Removing Pet Hair from Carpets

Before you vacuum your carpets and rugs, use a rubber squeegee to sweep across the pile and gather up all the pet hair that’s no doubt nestled deep within. You’ll soon find you had more hair and fluff in your carpets than you thought!

The next step is to spray the area with diluted fabric softener. Add a spoonful to a spray bottle, then fill with water and shake to mix. Spray a little onto your carpet and let sit for a few minutes.

This helps by softening the carpet fibres as well as the pet hair, and makes it much easier for the vacuum to do its job!


Cat Grooming to Reduce Shedding

Start with the source of your fluff problem – grooming your cat will remove the loose hair in their coats that they end up shedding, leaving behind everywhere in your house!

Regular grooming with a bush helps to reduce shedding in cats and will help keep your cats’s hair in good condition by removing dirt, spreading natural oils throughout their coat, preventing tangles and keeping their skin clean and irritant-free.

Grooming sessions should be fun for the both you, and your cat – so be sure to schedule them when your cat’s relaxed, perhaps after exercise or eating.

If you’re just getting started with grooming, experts suggest to keep your first grooming sessions short-just 5 to 10 minutes. Gradually lengthen the time until your pet is used to the routine.

In need of a good cat brush? You can get the Curve Cat Brush available from Kitty Cats Joy.

If you are in need of something a bit more efficient then the Gentle Deshedding Glove is an easy way to gently remove any dirt or shed fur from your cat.

Your cat will think they’re being pampered… but actually you’ll be removing all the loose hair and de-shedding them.

This fabulous glove is available at Kitty Cats Joy to purchase, you can get yours here.

Another great way of achieving this is to get your cat to groom themselves!

No this isn’t some miracle training – it is the Cat Self Groomer. Pictured above, this useful tool you can install in your home so that your cat can use it to groom themselves with. Great for when you’re out for the day or at work and your cat wants a little scratch or massage.


How to Efficiently Banish Pet Hair from Your Home – for Good!

My favourite method for keeping the house free of cat hair is with the Portable Self-Cleaning Wand Brush. It’s economical, low-cost, efficient and easy to use – and by far one of the best long term methods, earning its initial cost back in a very short time!

With the Portable Self-Cleaning Wand Brush you can effortlessly lift fluff, hair and lint away from fabrics in an instant due to the thousands of micro bristles that act like fingers grabbing every last piece of fur or fuzz. Ideal for use on carpets, bedding, clothes, furniture, inside the car and even on delicate fabrics – the list goes on.

It’s self cleaning so just one dip into the self-cleaning stand and both sides are clean and ready to go again. To empty it you remove the base to easily empty lint and fur into the bin, quick and mess-free!

You can use the wand brush over and over again for years to come – no refills are ever needed. Imagine the money you’ll save – with no refills, no sheets to tear off, no tape and no mess. This is why it’s my favourite pet-related cleaning tool!

Hopefully you’ve found this guide helpful! Do you have anymore pet hair cleaning tips?

I’d love to get your feedback – leave a comment below.





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