5 Popular Cats on Social Media Reveal Their Secrets to Success

social media success for cats

What self respecting cat wouldn’t want to be famous? Having a luxurious life of being totally spoiled, being admired by famous and cat-mad humans as well as being envied by other cats, the list goes on! Sounds purrfect doesn’t it?

Well to become famous on Instagram or Twitter (or any social media platform you purrfer) is just not something you set yourself out to do – or is it?

Instagram is one of the hottest social media platforms out there. A lot of marketeers say that Instagram is the best place to engage with your audience. That being said there is still fame to be had over on Twitter especially with some well-chosen, cute photos, witty remarks and aggressive self-promotion, which will get you very far!

However, we never said amassing followers and creating new opportunities to be showered with treats was an easy task. On the contrary, doing so requires your human to craft a captivating profile, follow others and engage with followers, and constantly post tweets that are actually worthwhile.

So in order you help you out, we asked five popular and up and coming cats on Instagram and Twitter for the advice they would give to other cats wanting to become a successful social media cat.

Pickley on Instagram

About Pickley: Full time napper, part-time model. A little sour but also sweet and his favorite colour is green.

Pickley regularly gets over 3-4 thousand likes on each of his posts with one popular pic recently reaching over 12 thousand!

View this post on Instagram

“Hmm…where did that string go?”

A post shared by Pickley (@pickley_the_cat) on


Pickley’s pawsome pointers to recogintion are…

Visit: Pickley

Tuffy on Twitter

About Tuffy: Flame-point Siamese mix. Born to be doted on. Likes rattle mice & string-on-a-stick. High CQ* (Cuteness Quotient)!

Tuffy has an amazing Twitter following over over 60 thousand followers!  Meow!

Tuffy’s advice for wannabe famous cats is…

Visit: Tuffy

Kevin & Scampi on Twitter

About Kevin & Scampi: They are two cats that love life! Kevin is a girl, Scampi is a boy and their Dad tweets for them.

Posting together as a pair is obviously working well for them, they joined in July 2018 and already have over 8 thousand followers! 

Kevin’s sage guidance for other cats is…

Charlie on Twitter

About Charlie: Born 23/8/2012. He loves his humans but says the camera gets to him especially when he is trying to sleep! 

An up-and-coming cat on Twitter, he is looking forward to hitting 6 thousand followers very soon! 

Charlie is such a social cat he even has is own Facebook profile! Meow!

Charlie’s advice to fame hungry cats is…

Visit: Charlie

Benny on Instagram

About Benny: A British Shorthair kitten with catitttude! Benny says that he’s, “on his way to steal yo girl and fux sh*t up!”

He is a cheeky chappy with style! His recent video got over 5 thousand views. Check it out…

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👀 I call these my molly eyes. #mdmazing For licensing/commercial usage, please contact licensing@rumble.com.

A post shared by Benedict the British Shorthair (@_bennyfromtheblock_) on

Benny’s advice to other cats hoping to follow in his footsteps is…

Visit: Benny

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