8 Popular Household Rules for Cat Owners

8 House Rules for Cat Owners

Every cat owner knows that the kitty is the head of the household. You play by their rules, no matter what.

Houzz conducted a survey of more than 3,100 pet owners and found that 53 percent of the cat owners who responded said their cat sleeps in their bed, while 73 percent said their cat has “free reign” over the furniture.

You clean up after their hair-ball messes, scoop the poop and you feed them when they are screaming at you for more treats, even after they just ate. Good luck trying to tell a cat it can’t do something.

Gathered from responses on Reddit, here are some of the most popular rules cats have set in their households.

1. Don’t ever shut the door, the open door policy is compulsory.

“I cannot close my bedroom or my bathroom door, lest I wish to hear them pounding and yowling til it’s opened. “ – Sharkbootay

“Don’t forget the arm under the door. Always the arm under the door.” – Mudsama 


2. All water glasses must be covered or empty.

“Friends wonder why we habitually put books over our glasses if we get up to go in the other room.” – czmax


3. Keep petting until done.

“Pet me or I will just keep petting you till you pet me” – garshgoofy


4. Toilet paper will be rolled under, not over.

“I now live like a godless heathen with my toilet paper rolled under. But if I don’t I come home to a house full of toilet paper everywhere and a cat looking like she can’t possibly imagine what might ever have happened.” – LauraMcCabeMoon


5. Breakfast is at 5:50am exactly.

“No need to set alarms in my house, the cat will wake you with the song of his people.” – Ollamoot

“I got two auto feeders for two cats. They dispense food at 530am. One cat is pretty happy, but the other one just hops onto bed at 600am now, rather than 530, so….victory?” – AKraiderfan


6. No whistling or singing (at your cats discretion)

“My cat runs over and headbutts me when I whistle. I think she just wants me to shut up because I always do, and pet her.” – HeuristicValise

See another cat owner make this mistake in the below video that went viral…


7. Bedtime is strictly enforced.

“One of our cats strictly enforces a bed time for me. My wife feeds the cats when I go to bed to read. I used to freely choose between going to bed to read around midnight, or staying up to do something else, but now I get bit on the ankles if I’m not in bed on time. She herds me into the bathroom to brush my teeth, and then herds me into the bed, and she talks to me the entire time to keep me on task.” – Bootwater

“Mine does the same, but it’s nothing to do with food, he just likes his routine. If my SO goes to bed, I tend to lie down next to him and read. The cat accepts this if we’re in the same room. But if I’m in the living room, watching Netflix or whatever, this is unacceptable and I will be screamed at and bitten until I join my SO in the same room. My cat’s an asshole.” – Isleepwheniwant (interesting username)


8. If the bottom of the bowl at any space is visible, bowl is empty. EMPTY.

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