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9 Weird & Irrational Fears: Does Your Cat Have Any?

There’s a reason for the term “scaredy-cat.” Cats are sensitive creatures, they are the pets we most tend to associate with timid curiousity or over-reaction. Here we found some of the stranger things cat owners have reported their cats are fearful of, curated from responses on Reddit and YouTube.

Watch this cats reaction to a pretty flower…

“One of my cats is petrified of carrot peelings and the other one rolls around in them” – B1ngers

“My cat does not like it when I take a shower. I live alone so I don’t bother leaving the bathroom door closed. He will sit in the bathroom and scream his head off once he hears the water running.” – ZeD00m

“My cat flips at the sight of a plastic bag. I have no idea what it is, but if he sees one he runs for his life.” – Gum_Bumper

“Steam. My genius dork of a cat is terrified of steam. If I have my cup anywhere near him, he’ll bolt.” – Klaudiapotter

“The hoover: the bringer of cleanliness and death” – surebegrandlike

“My cat is afraid of the ceiling fan NOT moving. If it is going, that’s all good. If it is still, freaks him out and super paranoid!” – fdoerzy

Check out this video that went viral, watch closely for the true horror timed at 2.26 in.

Is your cat scared of anything or totally fearless? Let us know…

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  1. There are things kitties don’t like and things that freak them out. They have such wonderful personalities. Love the second video the best. I hope it’s okay that I laughed.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday and it’s nice to meet you. ♥

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