What to Write in Birthday Cards, Ideas for Cat People & Their Cats

What to Write in Birthday Cards for Cat People & Their Cats

Looking for what to write in a birthday card for a cat person?

Or do you need funny birthday card message ideas for a cat?

Fear not, I’ve got you covered. It can be hard to come up with new messages for your cards year after year, so I came up with several creative ideas for writing out birthday cards, especially for cat lovers (and cats!).

Below are some examples you can copy or moderate for your own use when writing out your cards.

Ideas for What to Write in Cat Birthday Cards

Ideal for both cat moms and cat dads, these simple one-sentence ideas can also be from the cat…

  • Wishing you a truly meowgical birthday!
  • Happy birthday! Have a pawsome day – hope you make it one to remember!
  • Hope your feline like celebrating coz it’s your Purr-thday!
  • Best fishes and have a mice day!

For your significant other…

  • I love you like cats love boxes, have a pawsome birthday!
  • I’ll still love you even when we’re old and wrinkly and you’ve filled our house with cats! 
  • You’re my best friend, my partner in life, my soulmate… my everything… second only to the cat!

For those with a fun sense of humor, the following should give them a giggle…

  • Happy Birthday! Now you’re one step closer to being a crazy cat lady!
  • Birthdays are like hairballs… the more you have, the more you want to gag!
  • You’re how old?! Well anything is pawsible!
  • Happy Birthday! You look purrfect in cat years!

Bonus extras, scroll down to the end of this article to find some more great ideas for what else you can include with your card, to make it extra special. Two of them won’t even cost you a penny!

Choosing the Right Card

There are so many cat birthday cards to choose from, and it can be overwhelming! So how do you decide? Not all cat people are the same. There are cat moms, cat dads and grandmas! There are also kitty adoring kids and cat ladies of all shapes and sizes and they each like different styles. Think about things like whether they are serious or fun, young or old, trendy or traditional.

To help you out further, below are some card ideas – you can click on each to view and buy.

– View more cat birthday cards in my shop…

Bonus Extras

To make your card extra special, here are some fun extras you can include inside.

  • A charity donation certificate. As part of their gift you could donate to a cat or animal charity in their name and include the pictures and info about the charity in the card. Sometimes the best gift is to give back!
  • Printed photos or kids drawings of the cat. This is a great idea for cat grandmas!
  • Funny DIY coupons, e.g. I’ll clean out the litter tray! Or I’ll feed the cat for a week or 2 nights of cat sitting. I designed several of these cat chore coupons you can print off yourself.

If you’re looking for some great birthday gift ideas for cat people, with unique tastes, then check out these cat lover birthday gifts to get some inspiration.

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