What Makes Dark Blue-Eyed Cats So Mysterious?

What Makes Cats With Dark Blue Eyes So Mysterious?

Do you want to learn more about cats with unusually deep-blue eyes?

Are you looking for some fascinating facts about black blue-eyed cats?

In this article, you’ll discover what breed these cats being to, where they are from, and what makes them unusual.

You’ll also find several of my illustrations of these beautiful creatures.

Cats With Deep Blue Eyes Breed

Cats that have these ultra-deep blue eyes belong to the Ojos Azules breed. The Spanish name for this breed translates literally to “blue eyes.” It’s not linked to any certain fur color or pattern so black cats and cats with any fur color can belong to this breed.

Ojos Azules Black Cats Blue Eyes Breed

Where Does the Ojos Azules Breed Come From?

The breed started in the feral cats population in New Mexico. The very first cat of this breed was a female tortoiseshell cat called Cornflower. She was discovered in 1984, however, by 1992 there were only ten known examples of the Ojos Azules breed.

Why Are Ojos Azules Cats Rare?

Unfortunately breeders discovered that dangerous genetic mutations were present in kittens when both the parents had the deep-blue eyes. These birth defects have made it hard to successfully breed these cats, hence their rare status.

Deep Blue Eyed Black Cat

What Are Their Personality Traits?

Not much is known about the temperament of Ojos Azules cats, their personality and traits remain for the most part, unknown.

Are their characteristics like tortoiseshell cats – or more like Siamese cats?

These cats certainly are an international cat breed of mystery!

Are Deep-blue Eyed Cats Just One Breed?

The blue eyes gene associated with the Ojos Azules cat breed has been rumored to show up periodically and may in fact be a mutation. In Australia a cat with the same characteristics to the Ojos Azules was discovered, which would support this theory.

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