Funny Illustrated Indoor Games for Cats

Funny Illustrations of Indoor Games For Cats

What games can you play with your cat indoors? Check out these illustrations of budget friendly and easy games to play with cats, using items you already have around your home.

Hide and Seek - DIY Games for Cats

Play hide and seek and unleash the predatory nature of your cats… Just try and keep track of who’s turn it is to hide – as it might get confusing in all the fun!

Homemade Treat Dispenser - DIY Games for Cats

So all you need is toilet paper rolls, sticky tape and a flat piece of cardboard – here we are using a cereal box cut to size. Then get some tape and stick together as shown, whilst trying not to tape your fingers to the cardboard! 

Once constructed , hide treats as desired. Then wait and see if your cat wants to try and get the treats out with their paw. Results may vary!

Magic Carpet Game - DIY Games for Cats
If you have an old mat or piece of carpet, tie string to one corner as shown. Tug the carpet along and see if your cat wants to chase it. Of course, they may just want to sit on it and expect you to pull them around the room – like royalty!
Cardboard Box Fun - DIY Games for Cats

Cats just love sitting in boxes as we all know. However, keep scrolling to find out what to do when they get a bit bored of just sitting in it…

Tunnel Maze - DIY Games for Cats

Try making a maze made out of cardboard. I have included my top secret blueprint plans of a maze to help you in your efforts. Or of course you could just make long tunnel that goes around the room.

Tablet Games - DIY Games for Cats

Not a DIY item I know, but you can download one and start playing straight away and there are lots of free (or really cheap) games for pets available.

Homemade Pet Toy - DIY Games for Cats

All you need is some crackly foil (or cellophane) anything that makes a crinkle noise. Make a lose ball and put into an old sock (that odd one at the back of the drawer will do) and optionally add catnip for lots of stimulating fun! 

Well that should keep your human I mean cat occupied for a while!

If you need some inspiration today, then check out these inspiring cat quotes.

If you are still looking for some entertainment why not check out more from this crazy cats blog. Enoy! 


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