Feline Great: Inspiring Quotes Featuring Cute Cats

Feline Great: Inspiring Quotes Featuring Cute Cats

I illustrated some of my favorite quotes to help spread some positivity, fun and humor. These quotes are for when you need a little encouragement, a helpful reminder or just some inspiration. 

wasting time self care quote

Enjoy wasting time with a game, show or reading funny blogs

Not Lost But Exploring Life Quote

Sometimes you need to get out of our comfort zone – this can make you feel a bit lost. But remember, you’re just exploring…

learn something new every day quote

It’s true what they say, you learn something new every day. This cheeky cat wants to learn how to train the dog!

be silly motivational quote

For when you need reminding – just be yourself!

If you like these inspiring cats, then check out this post on this mysterious and rare breed of cat – or find out how you can play with your cat indoors with these easy DIY cat game ideas.

Don’t forget to check out more from this crazy cat blog!

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